July 4th issue and Summer Fun...

July 1, 2012

From Bree

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TWO WEEKS worth of goodness is included in this newsletter as this week I WILL have this baby and the extra week to recoup will be appreciated. You can scroll down to see some great events AND articles or you can view the calendar for a quick reference of events.

Also, need a break? Don't forget to enjoy many of the Giant Eagle, Eagle's Nest child rooms. They are for ages 3 to 9, contain CPR trained and educated overseers and provide crafts, entertainment and fun for the kids for up to 2 hours FOR FREE! Many have in house coffee and snack shops and wi-fi as well! 

Also, enjoy these summer essential articles to help you enjoy your summer too...
  • OUTDOOR free spots  ARTICLE.
  • INDOOR spots  ARTICLE.
  • Farmer's Markets  HERE. 
  • Library Events HERE
  • Columbus Metro Parks HERE. (many great summer camps and programs I am sure you'll enjoy!)
Please visit NW Cbus MK on  Facebook . If there are last minute cancellations or summer 'beat the heat specials' or a place I missed then you'll find them added to the facebook page. 

A big thanks to moms that run businesses, you can read one mom's information here and enjoy her products. If your business needs to be featured feel free to reach out to me so I can feature you too! I have a 30 day special running for those that want to show off their items in time for back to school!

Thanks so much! Bree, BreeA@MacaroniKid.com,
If I don't respond within 24 hours then please double check your email or use the contact us form.

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1) Heather said:
Good luck! Wish you the best for you and your new addition! :)
4 years, 3 months ago