Macaroni Summer

July 15, 2012
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Did you know there are over 450 local Macaroni Kid sites? In fact, in Ohio alone there are 14 great sites. Each week this amazing resource is distrirbuted into tons of email boxes to stimulate, entertain and exhaust your children. Please share this resource with your friends, nanny, grandparents, etc so they have access to this helpful family resource...subscribe to NW Columbus Macaroni Kid, HERE.

If you are traveling this summer and need ideas of what to do locally enjoy utilizing the Macaroni Kid newsletter in that town. You can pick your city under the 'FIND YOUR TOWN' drop down menu located to the upper left of our wonderful National Site. Feel free to select the 'contact us' option and ask that local publisher questions to help your vacay be all it can be. We are happy to help! 

If you don't see an area with a site and know someone that would enjoy publishing this resource, feel free to read this article and pop me a note so I can explain how you can get one started in your area, like South Columbus or even the Marysville and to the north rea could use  this resource...just let me know what I can answer for you. This is a most amazing group of publishers to work with, the communities adore this publication and I am sure you'll feel right at home publishing your own newsletter in no time.

Enjoy your summer!

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