Ladybugs Can't Be Tall

July 15, 2012
By: Michelle Bartkiewicz
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While making ladybug figurines out of clay and pipe cleaners one day, Author and Illustrator Kevin Hill noticed that if he made the wire legs too long, the ladybug would fall over. Something in this simple failure of construction launched an idea for his first book "Ladybugs Can't Be Tall."

Deeply inspired by the books he read growing up that dealt with issues of love, acceptance and self discovery, Kevin began creating a story that uses humor and simple rhyme to show kids and adults alike that we are perfect the way we are. Seeing the humor in our limitations, and celebrating our uniqueness.

"Ladybugs can't make honey,

The bees would think it's funny."

Using a hand painted technique that is rarely seen in children's books, Kevin decided on an ancient medium, Milk Paint. Some of the first stories ever told, on caves in prehistoric times, were created using a form of this beautiful medium. The paintings created a bold, colorful and unique look to the story and our simple and lovable main character.

The response to the release of the book has been wonderful. It's brought laughter for both children and adults, and most parents are finding its the first book their kids want to read themselves. The simple, easy rhymes, colorful and humorous artwork, quick read and important message all combine to make a great addition to any child's book collection.

For a limited time, signed copies can be ordered directly from the author on Facebook or ordered on and

Bee yourself!

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