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August 5, 2012

Review and Toy Info that rocks!

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Do you know Uncle Milton? Well, may I introduce you on a 4 week journey of some pretty incredible toys that will encourage your child's mind to actively explore both their environment, science and learning  (in a totally fun way!). 

We received these items to use and review to share with you. This week it's all about getting out in the day and exploring bugs, small animals and 'where' we are going. 

To be specific, I will brag on the 4-1 Navigation Tool. When I first saw this I wasn't sure if my 3 year old would appreciate the 4 uses of this tool, but he quickly took to the whistle element and was engaged. My 6 year old understand compass and the mirror's 'power' and she thought it was pretty darn cool to see these items up close and personal.

We also really enjoyed the Explorer Multi-Use Tool. It comes with multiple compartments that allows for storage of the child's finds (meaning a caterpillar or lady bug, etc), a neat tweezer-like tool to obtain that crawly thing, a magnifier tool and my personal favorite a light that is perfect for evening expeditions. 

For all the day time fun and other Uncle Milton products along with some reduced prices, as much as 40% on Amazon please click on this LINK

(this cricket was my children's source of entertainment today!)
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