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August 5, 2012
Not all of the events in the calender are listed below, click HERE for ALL the calendar's events to entertain, stimulate and exhaust your kiddos. 

Have a little dancer in your home? Enjoy 10% coupon off dance wear for all ages (toddler to adult) at Backstage  Dance Wear . Off Riverside and 161. COUPON (expires by 8/17), Website (registration for the fall classes forming now and these are some of the best prices in the area...but not compromising a quality program either!)

Up for some fun reading?
Have too much zucchini around? Read HERE on how to 'share' the zucchini with this 'share your zunnhini with your neighbor day' article!
Enjoy my review on Uncle Milton's Toy, they are full a fun adventures! HERE

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