Uncle Milton, Evening Fun!

August 12, 2012

Light me up

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Our Uncle Milton Toys have been a blast. I am not prone to hunting down bugs but it seems to be in a child's DNA. Dirt, bugs and now viewing them in a great 'bug' holder by Uncle Milton. This photo attached is in-part one of the toys we received. I say in-part because it has a few removable pieces, one allows them to truly hunt in the dark. The light will actually strap to their forehead! It is adorable actually. 

To be specific some of the evening explorer toys for night exploring includes the High Sierra Headlamp, an Expedition Sky Flare and Show Lights. Uncle Milton can be purchased on Amazon! This link will save you some time -> HERE.

We are really enjoying Uncle Milton and are appreciating the opportunity to explore our home area in a way we have not before. 

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