Organizational Tips for a Student’s Success

August 19, 2012

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People often wonder and ask: How can I help my child be a better student? Success at school starts with organization at home!

  1. Establish a routine for each session. Maintain a consistent time each afternoon for homework and studying. Focus on more difficult assignments first. After dinner, finish remaining work or review for a test with a family member.
  2. Work at your desk in your bedroom regularly. Minimize distractions. Turn off music, television and phone. Once you sit down to work, focus on one assignment at a time. Parents, you can check to see if your students need your help, but be careful not to interrupt them!
  3. Maintain a well-stocked and clean workspace. Have a water bottle, sharpened pencils, dictionary, thesaurus and your book bag with you. Only use the computer when needed to avoid distracting temptations such as IM, music and surfing.
  4. Hang a bulletin board above your desk for visual reminders: Items to bring to school the next day; Difficult to remember vocabulary words; Tricky math or science formulas.
  5. Manage your papers and books. Use a planner. Write assignments in your planner on the day they are assigned and every day until due. When completing homework, leave your planner open and check off each assignment as you complete it. Use one folder per class as an “inbox/outbox”. Put new assignments in your inbox before you leave that class. At home, when you complete each assignment, put it in the outbox. At school, open the correct folder at the beginning of class and hand in assignment that are in your outbox. Keep a binder with all past assignments, quizzes and tests for review. Teachers take most test questions from homework and quizzes. Study these first and study them well!
Having these things become routine for a student will strengthen their ability to excel and be the best student they can be. College Nannies and Tutors offers customized, one-on-one tutoring for students from Pre-K to college prep. To learn more about how they can help your family, please visit their website HERE today.

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