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September 9, 2012

4th Week Review

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Thanks Uncle Milton for supplying some fun and entertainment toys. Here are the links to the past reviews and below is the content for our final stroll with the Milton brand of toys. 

Review, Week 1, Outdoor Explorer Toys HERE
Review, Week 2, Night Toys HERE
Review, Week 3, Puzzles HERE

I LOVE this toy. The one in the photo is super cool and the kids will LOVE it. It is sort of like a mini vacuum or 'dust buster' but the intent is to inhale bugs! Once sucked up the contents will sit into a breathable and contained container. It is sturdy and easy to use. The 'on' button isn't difficult for those tiny fingers to engage. On a rainy day you can bring the fun inside and see how many things the anteater can inhale...and you can get some crumbs picked up :) 

Thanks again Unlce Milton for the great and sturdy products we reviewed. I have a new appreciation for educational toys. 

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