National Fire Prevention Week: Oct. 7-13

October 8, 2012

Tips to Keep Your Family Safe

By: Alison Wenger
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National Fire Prevention Week is celebrated annually, this year from Oct. 7-13, and now is a great time to review fire safety tips with all the members of your family.

Here are some basic tips that every family should keep in mind:
  • Check to make sure your smoke detectors are working. A good rule is to change the batteries in them when you change your clocks twice each year.
  • Have a fire extinguisher in your house - and know how to use it.
  • Plan a central meeting point outside your house where everyone will go in case of emergency - and practice using it.
  • Check electrical appliances for frayed cords, and outlets/extension cords for overloading.
  • Keep all items that get hot (lamps, candles, lights) away from beds and furniture that could catch fire.
  • Ask a certified electrician for help on home projects to ensure proper wiring.
  • Use extreme caution with electric blankets and space heaters.
For families with young children:
  • Ask about Tot Finder stickers that can be applied to be the windows of your children's bedrooms.
  • Keep outlets that are not in use covered with plastic safety plugs.
  • Teach them how to Stop, Drop and Roll.
  • Keep matches, lighters and similar items stowed away and out of the reach of children.
  • Contact your local fire station to see if you can visit and have a firefighter talk fire safety with your kids.
Learn more about fire prevention on the National Fire Prevention Association website, which includes a special section just for kids!

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