May The Fourth Be With You!

Star Wars Day Craft

By Alicia Amburgey, Publisher NW Columbus Macaroni Kid May 3, 2022
My family loves the Star Wars Universe! With May the Fourth upon us, we wanted to share a craft that fans of all ages can enjoy! These DIY lightsabers are the perfect summer toy to use in the sprinklers, battling through the yard, or inside in the playroom on a rainy day! They are softer than rigid plastic, making it easy for Star War's fans of all ages to create and engage! We do recommend keeping a parent on hand to supervise if necessary.

What you need:
Pool Noodles (pick your own color!)
Duct Tape
Electrical tape
Ruler/Measuring tape
Serrated knife or scissors
Metallic sharpies or Paint pens of your choosing

What you do: 
1. Lay out your pool noodles, and use the serrated knife to cleanly cut the pool noodles to your desired length. If you don't have a ruler, bend the pool noodle into a U shape, and cut at the bend. Ours are approximately 26" in length.
*Note: We don't recommend making them longer than 30" in total length, as they will bend or wobble during "battle".

2. Measure out your "handle". We used approximately 3" of length. Begin wrapping your electrical or duct tape (depending on the color handle you want!). As most pool noodles have a cored center, we decided to wrap the end as well, by covering the bottom with individual pieces first, and then wrapping the handle last.

3. Now comes the fun part! Use your metallic markers, or paint pens to design buttons, and markings throughout the handle and saber itself. Be creative! There is no wrong way to customize your own handle!

4. Once the ink is dry, choose your opponent and add your own sound effects! Will the force prevail?!

If you need help picking a side, or want to get technical, here is a brief guide to lightsaber colors and their groupings!

Lightsaber Colors for Jedi's

Blue- Jedi Guardians
Green- Jedi Consulars
Yellow- Jedi Sentinels (Yellow sabers are also used to depict Jedi who are conflicted on their side)
Purple-These are used for noted significant people, with powerful personalities!

Lightsaber Colors for Sith's

Red/Black/Orange- These colors are generally attributed to members of the Dark Side

May The Fourth Be With You!