#Morethangymnastics at The Little Gym

Join us for a first free class

By Francie Fields, Owner The Little Gym of Polaris February 11, 2021

As a mom of two boys, I am always looking for fun activities that engage my children while getting lots & lots of energy out! I stumbled upon The Little Gym during my search to get my boys out of the house. I was looking for a place to go, meet other mothers, and tire my kids out enough to take the occasional afternoon nap.  I ended up with lifelong friends, a strong belief in The Little Gym’s goals, and eventually became the owner of my own gym.  

At the time, I was an attorney seeking a new position where I could have a flexible schedule and be a more hands-on mother.  I became the owner of a gym without realizing how much I would fall in love with The Little Gym’s philosophy and mission.  So, I consider myself one of the lucky ones! I get to go to work and be a part of children’s lives every day.  I also enjoy watching my team mature into amazing Coaches with ability to provide training and skills in all areas of a child’s development.

But what I love the most about The Little Gym is the mission!  Our curriculum is based on 3-Dimensional Learning.  We are focusing not only on physical activities, but the overall spirit of the child.    Our first dimension is to GET MOVING! Keep the kids active and healthy.  The second dimension is BRAIN BOOST! Encouraging cognitive development and age-appropriate brain activities! Our last dimension is CITIZEN KID! Teaching children to be good people! Taking turns, being polite and kind to their friends in an environment filled with positive reinforcement!

At The Little Gym, our Coaches know everybody’s name! We are #morethangymnastics, we are a community & family. We love all your children and embrace the differences that make them who they are. Everyone is welcome at The Little Gym!

Come join us for a first free class to see what we are all about! Hope to see you soon on our big red mat, where all the fun starts and ends.