40 Kid Inclusive Ways to Celebrate Lent

If you are participating, here is a list to engage even your littlest

By Alicia A. February 16, 2024

Families around the world are participating in Lent; a religiously tied event that reflects Jesus’ time of fasting and prayer for 40 days in the wilderness after his baptism. Many people sacrifice something during Lent (like coffee, sweets, or shopping) as a way to tune their hearts back to their true religious focus.

Lent begins February 14, and if you're looking for a way for your kids to participate as well, we've compiled a list! Here are 40 small (but mighty) things your younger children can do to feel like they are included.

In the Spirit of giving:

1. Surprise someone and do their chore
2. Give someone a hug for no reason
3. Offer to help someone
4. Make a card for a friend or teacher
5. Make a craft from the heart
6. Do something nice for Mom/Dad
7. Do something kind for the earth, plant a flower or pick up trash!
8. Read a book to a sibling
9. Say something kind to a teacher or school staff member
10. Give a kind note to a friend
11. Play with someone different at recess or use the buddy bench
12. Tell your bus driver something you like about them
13. Smile at as many people as you can in one day
14. Write a letter/draw a picture for your principal or coach
15. Bake something for a neighbor
16. Donate loved toys to a friend or charity
17. Give a admired toy to a sibling (for a short time or for all time)
18. Help organize mom's entry way or hang coats
19. Do someone else’s laundry
20. Clean a bathroom
21. Make someone else’s bed
22. Help with your pets, or a neighbors
23. Help or offer to cook dinner

Fasting Options

24. Take a fast from TV or a favorite show
25. Fast from a specific dessert or ingredient (pb or chocolate)
26. Fast from your favorite candy
27. Fast from a bad habit, like chewing with your mouth open, or talking over someone
28. Fast from sweet drinks like kool-aid or soda
29. Fast from meat
30. Fast from being first in line or the leader

**The last 10 are religious based for those participating and spiritual

Ways that involve prayer and meditation

31. Write down 10 ways you see God or goodness in the world
32. Talk to God or a parent about something that you feel bad about
33. Thank God for your favorite people (or thank them directly! It will bring a smile)
34. Say a prayer or wish good thoughts for someone who is sick
35. Sing a song you're passionate about with your whole heart
36. Pray with a family member
37. Read a bible story
38. Reflect on an event/interaction and how you could have improved
39. Invite a friend to church or a youth group
40. Talk to someone about what Lent means to you