Good Medicine Productions

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Good Medicine Productions is a non-profit theatrical performance company with a mission to bring audiences of all ages transformative joy through the art of improvisation, comedic performance and innovative storytelling. 

It is comprised of three branches: 

Pediatric and Senior Living Program: annually serves pediatric facilities and nursing homes in central Ohio. Professional comedic performers work in pairs to provide one-on-one entertainment to children and elderly with a goal to empower those in often powerless situations and to use humor and parody to reduce anxiety, sadness and isolation in the medical environment. This is the signature program of Good Medicine Productions. 

Public Performances:  are high-energy, engaging creations of improvisational theater and innovative storytelling featuring larger than-life characters - Usually found on the street, rarely in a theater... 

Classes:  are rooted in improvisation, play and character fun that works to create high quality art experiences that nurtures creativity, self-expression and communication skills.

Business Review

[These classes use}...creativity and imagination to create joy and give children tools to better express tough feelings they don't always know how to deal with. It definitely did this for my kids!" - Parent 

"After you're finished with it you have a good feeling, like you can do anything!" Graham R., age 8.