Ivybrook Academy

3755 W. Dublin Granville Rd.Dublin, OH 43017Phone: 614-681-0001Email: amber.lee@ivybrookacademy.comWebsite: Visit Website Google Map

Ivybrook Academy is a half-day, progressive preschool that offers a balanced curriculum which includes Collaborative Learning, Montessori tailored Individualized Learning Groups, Reggio Emilia inspired project work, and our Discovery Program. The innate curiosity of young children is cultivated through these four interrelated curriculum components and provides children the opportunity to explore their personal interests as they work cooperatively with others. Ivybrook Academy's award-winning curriculum provides children with the tools necessary to expand their knowledge and understand the world in which they live.

At Ivybrook Academy, we believe children are individuals whose strengths and gifts should be valued and nurtured. Children should be active participants in their learning and their natural curiosity cultivated. This is best achieved through a hands-on, discovery-based approach to learning. We believe that this approach provides children with the flexibility to research, inquire about, and reflect on the world around them.

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Business Review

"Each student really gets individual attention from the teachers."

"The classrooms are amazing and so hands-on."