Ninja Generations

9375 Dublin Rd. Dublin, OH 43065
Phone: (614) 389-2424Email: info@ninjagenerations.comWebsite: Visit Website

Ninja Generations provides the highest level training in Ninja, Parkour, and cross-training.

Ninja training consists of explosive movements that combine agility, strength, and balance in order to complete a course in the upper body chamber.
Learn how to perfect a lache movement, catch nunchucks, go through cannonball alley, practice cliff-hangers, jump from trapezes, catch and swing from wingnuts to fidget spinners, and test your vertical limit strength.

Parkour training is freedom-based effective movement through various environments.
Learn how to use your environment to run up walls, kong vault over obstacles, swing & lache through bars, practice precision jumps and strides, perfect the safest way to roll, learn tricks and flips, and challenge your speed and flow.

Business Review

Ninja Generations is an amazing place for your energetic kids to enhance their capabilities as a ninja. They encourage starting with the basics and build on refining skills, in a safe, and fun way! They are constantly encouraging these kids to take their abilities to the next level!