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October 8, 2012

trendy and afforable custom clothing

I have had the pleasure to get to know Rugrat Design, a Worthington mom and amazing clothing artist. I am exiting to introduce her to you as well!  The owner is making me a Cape to wear to the Oct 27th Tuttle Halloween event, I hope you pop by my table and check it out. Also, if you have been to FireFly Play Cafe your child may have enjoyed these nifty capes too! They are a hit for all ages. Also, she will be featured in an upcoming Holiday Gift Guide on this newsletter where you can enter to win multiple cash prizes to spend perhaps in her shop! So, get your wish list started....

From Rugrat Design :
Rügrat DÄ“ & accessories as unique as your rugrat!

Kids should be able to be kids...and to a kid, all clothes are play clothes. No harm in being trendy while playing! 
My goal is to make designs/styles that are practical, unique, stylish and cost friendly for children and families. As a mother I know that kids need to be comfortable and typically my own accessories need to be washable if they are to be used around the kids. Therefore, everything I make is washable and hopefully helps your life to be more user friendly (and stylish) along the way! 

Thanks for looking at Rügrat DÄ“sign! If you see something you like but it's in the wrong size or fabrics - let me know. I'll happily make custom orders!

Rugrat Design is now doing in home trunk shows.  Similar to a Pampered Chef party- but a clothing/accessories show where folks can have friends over, have little snacks and enjoy a fun time shopping and 
designing their own clothing, children's clothing, accessories, etc. I bring fabric samples, example products and styles. People enjoy having a chance to make custom pieces.  This is an ideal time to be booking for these as holidays are coming up and people are getting in the mindset for holiday photos (I make a lot of sibling matching outfits, mom and me matching skirts/dresses, etc. for holiday photos.)  And, it's great to do an in home party to have a chance to buy custom made clothing to give as gifts.   
For those getting ready to become a mom (or know someone that is expecting), introducing....Maternity Delivery Gowns. This provides the chance to feel pretty/more your style during delivery vs. wearing the hospital issued worn/faded gown. Also gives those first photos with new baby a fresh look with your own personality/style showing through.  The gowns are made to "comply" with all hospital needs such as an opening in the back for epidural, dr/nurse access, snaps at the shoulders to provide space for skin to skin time post delivery and also nursing.  All feature a pocket for cell phone & camera- things we all have with us during those precious hours!  These are great gift ideas for showers, too. 

ugratt Design: Facebook or Etsy or Website

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Photo By Little Tree Studios, Worthington

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