Pumpkin Carving Tips

October 15, 2012

Using Everyday Kitchen Tools

By: Angela McConville
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It never fails! Every year about this time when the beach toys and temperature are taken over by falling leaves and crisp air, wherever a pumpkin is sold, you will find a “pumpkin carving kit.” It has happened several years in a row. I buy the carving kit only to use it once before tossing it in the junk drawer where it eventually ends up in the garbage. I don’t buy Halloween-specific decorating tools anymore! In reality, your utensil drawer probably houses most of what you’ll need already, and whatever you’re missing you can find from OXO. OXO  has great (year-round!) kitchen tools that can make Halloween decorating easy.

If you’re carving or decorating pumpkins this Halloween, check out the OXO Pumpkin Carving Guide, which includes tools and gadgets they’ve found really useful in creating Jack-O-Lantern masterpieces! One of the newer items in the Pumpkin Carving Guide is the 2 Piece Fruit Scoop Set which can be used to scoop pumpkins, butternut squash, watermelon, zucchini, and baked potatoes. The Scoops get right between the skin and the fruit/vegetable, so there’s no waste.
OXO offers a wide variety of helpful Baking Tools that make baking and decorating anything from small treats like cookies and cake pops, to larger cakes and tarts, as easy as pie! For some recipe ideas, check out their Spook-tacular Halloween Pinterest Board! Within the baking tools, a favorite this season is the new Cupcake Icing Knife. Decorating cupcakes won’t be scary anymore - you’ll be making perfectly iced cupcakes in no time.
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